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You will need to submit 10 paper critiques for your selected papers. Paper critiques are due by the beginning of each class.


Each paper will be evaluated along the following axes: (1) the selected research problem, (2) technical novelty of the proposed approach, (3) the empirical results. For some tips on how to read a research paper check the following document by Philip Fong. To generate your paper critique you can use the following template.  Your critiques should concisely cover the following points: 

  • What research problem does the paper address? 

  • What is the motivation of the research work?

  • What are the key technical challenges identified by the authors?

  • How significant is the technical contribution of the paper in comparison to prior work?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed approach?

  • What are some of the key experimental results and what do they signify?

  • Are there any weaknesses in the experimental section (i.e., unfair comparisons, missing ablations, etc)?

  • Concisely summarize why you like/dislike the paper.

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